When aspiring artist Liza Brookes reluctantly takes a job as an executive assistant to support her sick aunt, she expects a boring, corporate life. What she didn’t expect was Alistair Sinclair.

A ruthless, headache-inducing taskmaster, her new boss seems to make it his job to drive her insane. But that’s not the only thing making her crazy – it just so happens that Alistair is the most attractive man Liza has ever laid eyes on. 

While her fiendishly handsome boss wants nothing more than to rid himself of his new assistant, Liza stubbornly refuses to let him win. Soon, she’s diving headfirst into the dizzying rollercoaster of wealth, fame, and office politics, determined to stay one step ahead of Alistair and prove him wrong – one mocha at a time.

Liza keeps telling herself that her job is purely for the money, so why is it that all she can think about is Alistair Sinclair?